At Scratch Distillery in Edmonds, Bryan and Kim Karrick know how to make award-winning spirits from the purest of ingredients.

“Then, I was like, why should I say what I come up with is the absolute best? Why don't I give someone the opportunity to come up with their own?, said Kim Karrick.

“Everyone has a preference for different things, so hence the class, giniology”, said Kim.

The Karrick's class for "ginthusiasts" starts with a cocktail, a brief history lesson and a tour of their distillery for inspiration.

What makes a good gin, good, is the right touch of herbs and spices.

“Juniper, citrus, floral,” explained Kim. “I would say the average gin has maybe 8 to 14 botanicals in there.”

“Even Italian marjoram which we grow outside,” added Bryan.

All the "giniologists" begin with a basic recipe for reference. From there, they get to taste and sample various botanicals until they come up with their blend of herbs and spices.

Every step of the way the Karricks offer their expertise to assure no black sheep sneak into the family of flavors.

The takeaway is a bottle of gin made to order.

“Yep, on the spot, we blend it on the spot, and they go home with their own bottle,” said Bryan.

Should a student want to revisit their giniology, a reunion can easily be arranged.

“We keep the recipe on file,” said Kim. “Everyone loves their own the best, go figure, that's the point.”

The cost is $150 per person. Classes can be reserved for Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Special appointments can be scheduled, too.

Email to make your reservation.