When Manuela Horn walks into a room people take notice. She's nearly seven feet tall in heels and can yodel Madonna's "Like a Virgin". Just one of the many talents Horn brings to the dinner shows at Teatro Zinzanni.

“I always compare coming here to Alice In Wonderland,” said Horn. “As soon as you step into a tent it's just so magical.”

Horn has dreamed of performing ever since she was the tallest kid in kindergarten. A lot of people of told her no.

“My mother said ‘You are not becoming an actress. They don't make enough money and you don't have health insurance’," said Horn.

There were others who said a 6 foot 2 actress could never get the romantic leads.

“So one day I woke up and said screw you world and I got a pair of high heels and created my own persona,” said Horn. “So whenever I perform I'm 7 feet tall and I just storm in and I do my thing.”

This is her thing: Adding a little naughtiness to the night. A lot of laughs. And yes, quite a bit of yodeling.

“It's a genetic defect,” said Horn. “I'm from Austria.”

Teatro Zinzanni’s Love, Chaos and Dinner begins its limited run at King County’s Marymoor Park October 20 and runs through April, 2018.

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