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A healthy doughnut? Bon Bon Bakery in Lakewood offers the closest thing!

The new bakery offers delicious cakes, pastries, and doughnuts that aren't overloaded with sugar. #k5evening

LAKEWOOD, Wash. — It's a weekday morning at Bon Bon Bakery and chef and owner Chris Chung puts the finishing touches on some cakes while his wife Seojin bags up pastries, the youngest of their four sons still sleeping on her back.

“When you walk into Bon Bon Bakery, you’re walking into a dessert place,” says assistant chef David Lee. “There's a lot of bread. There's a lot of cookies. There's cake that you've never seen. The colors and everything. And this is how it actually looks in Korea.”

Chung was actually about the age of his oldest son when he first thought about baking for a living.

“When I was little and saw the white uniforms I thought that would be something clean,” Chung says. “And something easy.”

It isn't so easy but Chung has always had talent. He's never made the same cake twice.

“The way he makes bread is different than other places,” says Lee. “He's really serious.”

Located in Lakewood's Boo Han Plaza on S. Tacoma Way, Bon Bon's bakers stay busy making bread and pastries that blend French, Korean, and Japanese influences. They go heavy on the butter and heavy on the eggs but not sugar. Desserts are often sweetened with sweet rice or beans.

Credit: KING TV
Chris Chung, center, with family and fellow bakers at Bon Bon Bakery in Lakewood.

Assistant chef David Lee can guide the unfamiliar. He steers "Evening" host Saint Bryan to a familiar-looking doughnut.

“The first thing you should try is a sweet rice twist,” he says. “It contains sweet rice. It is less sugary than American donuts.”

Bryan tries it and likes it. 

“I could get used to this!”

He has since come back for the paper-thin almond cookies.

There really is a way to find the sweet life without overdoing the sugar by trying the treats at Bon Bon Bakery.

Bon Bon Bakery is located at  9122 S. Tacoma Way in Lakewood and is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

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