MAPLE VALLEY, Wash. — What's your ideal date? Dinner and drinks? A romantic night in? A scary movie? Trick question- none of those are your ideal date. Your ideal a Baby Goat Date.

Puget Sound Goat Rescue is a Maple Valley non-profit that rescues goats from mistreatment and abuse. Whether someone isn't equipped to own a goat, or a dairy farm doesn't want baby goats- Puget Sound Goat Rescue takes them in.

Baby Goat Date 2
Baby goats are silly, sensitive and curious- they love meeting new people.

Puget Sound Goat Rescue director Barbara Jamison says they first got the idea for Baby Goat Dates when her own friends and neighbors clamored to visit the farm during spring- aka, baby goat season. Jamison decided it would be a great activity to offer to people who support the non-profit as well.

Each fall, Puget Sound Goat Rescue posts online, announcing their Baby Goat Dates. Act quick, because these go fast. Buying one Baby Goat Date guarantees 2 hours of baby goat joy for 2 people.

Baby Goat
These baby goats will steal your heart- and may chew on your shoelaces!

All of the proceeds from the Baby Goat Dates go directly to the care of goats- Puget Sound Goat Rescue is entirely volunteer-run, so the money goes right back to making sure the goats are safe and sound.

If the Baby Goat Date inspires you to adopt goats, Puget Sound Goat Rescue can help you with that, too. You can adopt their goats, although the rescue requires adopters to adopt two or more goats. As they say, "An only goat is a lonely goat". They also only adopt their goats out as pets, never for milking or breeding.

Baby Goat Date Photo 1
This could be you if you choose to go on a Baby Goat Date!

Baby Goat Dates happen every spring, so follow Puget Sound Goat Rescue on social media so you can be ready to nab spots in the fall. Spots go fast, obviously- who doesn't want to spend 2 hours with baby goats?

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