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7 stories from the PNW to soothe your mind and soul

From a "made from scratch" bread to a Japanese zen aquarium, these local stories may help relax your brain

Disclaimer: This episode is an Encore Presentation of KING 5's Evening.

Beauty in nature is all around us. From the gorgeous outdoors to living jewelry, we're showing off some natural stories to give your wandering mind a break. There's a lot happening in the world right now, so it's important to give yourself breaks throughout the day to ease any anxious feelings. Now, get cozy and settle in... here are a few of the most relaxing stories Team Evening's ever done!

The Beauty of Living Jewelry

Kara Navra makes jewelry from precious gems she grows at home: she makes jewelry out of living plants. She also sends rings, necklaces, headbands, and bracelets of the San Juans, through her company Apotheca Design. This jewelry is especially popular for weddings and baby showers.

FULL STORY: Living jewelry from the San Juan Islands: a colorful new take on the succulent trend

Japanese Gardening in an Aquarium

Steve Waldron overs exotic species from all over the tropical regions of the world such as India, the Amazon, Africa, Europe, and Asia in his Aquarium Zen, in Roosevelt. Steve specializes in nature aquariums or "aquascaping"- that is combining underwater life and Japanese gardening.

FULL STORY: Aquarium Zen in Seattle helps people find zen through aquascapes

Recycled Collage Art

Carol Chen Lord tears recycled magazines and construct new pictures. Carol explained that her work is like meditation or like working on a puzzle. She could create a trail through the woods or a sunny beach - it all depends on where her imagination takes it.

FULL STORY: Auburn artist creates colorful collages out of torn magazines

The Ancient Art of Arranging Flowers

Megumi Schacher is a local Ikebana artist and instructor, specializing in the Sogetsu School style. This ancient Japanese art of arranging flowers style is more than 90 years old and differs from traditional Ikebana because it is more Avant-guard.

FULL STORY: The ancient art of Japanese flower arranging

The Music of Rain Drums

The Cedar River Watershed Education Center turns rain into a melody for their visitors. As you wind down the Education Center path you will start to see a little creek and then you'll start to hear the drums before you see them.

FULL STORY: Cedar River Education Center's 'rain drums' create rhythms from around the globe

An Oven That's Never "Cooled Down"

"It's never cooled down," says Nick's dad, Ivan Osmonovich, the bakery's owner. It's been that way here in Central Washington for more than 100 years. The big brick oven at the bakery was first fired up in 1906. If you were to cut the gas supply, it would take days to lose its heat. And it never has. Not once in 112 years.

FULL STORY: This Cle Elum oven has never cooled in 112 years

Seattle's Japanese Garden Oasis

This Kubota Garden in Southeast Seattle known as one of the most Instagrammable locations in the area. It was founded in 1927 by just one man, Fujitaro Kubota, an immigrant from Japan. You could see anything from the vibrant burning bush to the Ginko tree that has a lot of beautiful color variations.

FULL STORY: Seattle's picturesque Kubota Garden is a must-see this fall

Disclaimer: This episode is an Encore Presentation of KING 5's Evening.

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