At 20 minutes, getting to Vashon Island by ferry is an easy and beautiful trip. Here are three things to do while you are on the island:

1. Lodges on Vashon
Lodges on Vashon
Lodges on Vashon

Finding a place to stay the night in Vashon Island hasn't always been smooth sailing. Until now.

“This is the Lodges on Vashon. And we're the only hotel on the island," said Christine Goering.

"It's sixteen separate lodges, so it's an open air hotel which is unique,” said Goering. “The lodges are really modern inside. They have a Scandinavian minimalist design."

The lodges sleep anywhere from two to four guests and come well appointed.

"There a big screen TV in each room. A wet bar with a full-size microwave."

The central hub of the property is the outdoor pavilion.

"People come to just hang out with their families and enjoy the fireplace."

Lodges on Vashon
(206) 693-3750
17205 Vashon Highway SW
Vashon, WA 98070

2. Mostly True Vashon Tours
Chris Austin tells the story of Vashon Island's namesake with puppets. Austin leads the Mostly True Vashon Tour.
Chris Austin tells the story of Vashon Island's namesake with puppets. Austin leads the Mostly True Vashon Tour.

If you like history with a side of humor, Chris Austin's Mostly True Vashon Tours is a bus ride you don't want to miss.

"This island has got a lot of rich history of weird characters, and I like to present that in a way that gets a chuckle," said Austin.

Like telling the story of the island's namesake with puppets.

"What some people call puppets, I call hand actors."

The tour lasts from two to three hours, and Austin hopes you'll be learning and laughing all the way.

"Keep Vashon weird is kind of the unofficial anthem of the island, myself included."

Mostly True Vashon Tours
(703) 424-1481

3. Bramble House
Bramble House's roasted beet salad 
Bramble House's roasted beet salad 

If all that humor makes you hungry, be sure to check out Bramble House.

"I wanted Bramble House to at its heart be an island restaurant, and I want to appeal to the local community," said Lia Lira, chef and owner of Bramble House

Lira grew up on the island. After traveling and cooking around the world, she came home and turned a 73-year-old house into an inviting restaurant.

"I wanted to open a place that's a little sophisticated, but was really comfortable and welcoming."

"Our most popular starter right now is the roasted beet salad," said Lira. "A lot of it comes from the island so the beets are really sweet and fresh."

Bramble House may be new, but so far it's been a happy homecoming for both Lira and Vashon Island.

"I love being here every day and having this being a real representation of me and kind of welcoming people into my home."

Bramble House
(206) 408-7159
17123 Vashon Hwy SW
Vashon, WA 98070