Just in time for Mardi Gras, we tracked down three of the best beignets in Seattle.

Toulouse Petit is a Queen Anne eatery known for its French Quarter-inspired decor and menu. Their buttermilk beignets are based on a classic recipe showcasing Southern simplicity.

"Flour, buttermilk, eggs, and a lot of love,” said Chef Clive Gomez.

They're served with a side of chicory anglaise - coffee-flavored syrup for dipping.

Toulouse Petit is open for breakfast through late-night dinner service, and beignets are available on every menu.

Down the hill and a little north in Fremont, Rock Creek Seafood and Spirits serves a delectable twist on the traditional beignet.

"Rock Creek is kind of a re-invention of a seafood restaurant. I wanted to get away from serving salmon and halibut and really explore all the other creatures of the sea,” said Chef Eric Donnelly. “Beignets are kind of the curve ball of our dessert menu."

Made with ricotta and carmelized apples, they're served hot atop a caramel anglaise with a generous sprinkling of powdered sugar.

$8 gets you five beignets - the perfect dessert for a date night. And they're also available to-go, for those who prefer not to share.

One more restaurant known for its beignets is in the heart of downtown Seattle.

RN74 - named after a road that runs through Burgandy, France - boasts modern interpretations of French bistro cuisine.

RN74’s beignets are made with a brioche dough - seasoned with nutmeg and vanilla, and served with Macallan butterscotch.

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