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The Pierce County 12 year old generous beyond her years - 12 Under 12

Addie Strode transforms her pain into compassion for others. Sponsored by Kaiser Permanente.

SEATTLE — Sarah Strode will never forget July 2, 2011, the date her daughter's life changed forever.

"Just a horrible, horrific accident," she says.

A campfire mishap left 4-year-old Addison with severe burns over much of her body.

"Our whole world crumbled."

For the next 48 days, the staff at Harborview Medical Center never stopped fighting for the child's survival. 

"They were in our room 24 hours a day," Strode says.

But no one fought harder than Addie.

"Handled everything with grace," recalls her mom.

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The nurses and doctors at Harborview have never forgotten that brave little girl. And she has never forgotten them. Addison and her family frequently return here to visit with old friends, like critical care nurse Val Newell.

"I think we all just sort of built a bond," Newell says.

They never show up empty-handed.

Addie says her goal is simple: "Give back to the kids that are going through the same thing as I did."

While Addie was recovering at Harborview from multiple surgeries and skin grafts, a favorite toy always seemed to ease her struggle. Her bumblebee Pillow Pet.

"That's where the Pillow Pets came from," she explains.

When Addie and her family needed to move on from their trauma, giving back seemed to do the trick.

Sarah Strode remembers, "Okay, we've got to do something bigger that gets us out of ourselves and out of our own pain."

The family has now raised thousands of dollars and donated hundreds of snuggly Pillow Pets and other items to the patients and staff at Harborview. 

"Really, whatever they need," Addison says.

It's a project that Addie, at the ripe old age of 12, now leads.

"She's very nurturing," her mom says, "so this has been a really easy transition."

Newell says, "She's an amazing kid and she's going to do great things."

With every dollar she raises, every donation she makes, Addison Strode continues the journey of healing. For herself. And for others. 

"She is just a really strong girl to her core," Sarah Strode says.

Addison adds, "It makes me feel really good that people care as much as I do for these kids."

Currently, Addison has a new GoFundMe account for Harborview Hospital. You can find more information on it here.

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