10 epic things to do, see and eat on a road trip through Eastern Washington
We're headed on an electric bike wine tour around Chelan, eating the nation's best tamales and exploring the town overrun by dinosaurs. Let's go!
Author: Danielle Pascual, King 5 Evening
Published: 6:20 PM PDT July 26, 2019
Updated: 8:10 PM PDT July 26, 2019
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Hello from the east side of the Cascade Mountain Range! Team Evening's going on a road trip to show you around Eastern Washington -- the place to explore when the cloudy skies in the West are getting you down. We'll go on a hunt for treasure, eat bucket-fulls of fries, discover a town taken over by dinosaurs and so much more. Come along!


10 epic things to do, see and eat on a road trip through Eastern Washington

Chapter 1


Rare gem hunting

Millions of years ago, water flowing through lava beds in the Kittitas Valley made light blue agates -- the third rarest gem in the world. Rock 'n Tomahawk Ranch invites people to hunt for blues on their 200+ acre land for $5. Call (509) 962-2403 to make a reservation. 

Rock 'n Tomahawk Ranch |  2590 Upper Green Canyon Rd 

Handcrafted ice cream

Winegar's Homemade Ice Cream is a family-run business -- with a huge emphasis on "family." They first opened and 1956 and has been run by the Winegars ever since. Each flavor is named after a family member! 

Winegar's | 111 E University Way | 1013 E University Way

Clean energy turbine farm

The Wild Horse Wind Facility just east of Ellensburg can generate enough electricity to power 70,000 homes each year with their 220-ft wind turbines. They're one of the only wind farms in the nation that invites people to come up close, attracting about 20,000 visitors a year. They say to call them if you're interested in a tour -- at (509) 964-7815.

Wild Horse Wind Facility | 25901 Vantage Hwy

Chapter 2


Wine country electric bike tour

When you hop on with Chelan Electric Bikes, you are in for a treat that might be even better than the wine you're about to taste. It's an immersive tour that starts in downtown Chelan and goes 10 miles around the lake visiting various wine tasting rooms along the way! Tours are offered throughout the summer and cost $90 a person.

Chelan Electric Bikes | 204 E Wapato Ave 

More than wine

Everyone knows you can taste, tour and get amazing quality wine around Lake Chelan. But it's also known for a few other great libations.

  • Chelan Winery | 3519 WA-150 | Yes, it has "winery" in its name, but they serve more than just that. They began crafting hard ciders made from local apples in small batches. Now, find Lake Chelan Hard Ciders in grocery stores around the state!
  • Lake Chelan Brewery | 50 Wapato Way, Manson | This nano-brewery has touches that make all visitors feel like a local... you can write on the wall for a donation to the food bank and spin vintage vinyl at the bar's turntable!

Lakeside fry buckets

Lake View Drive-In has been opened for over 50 years -- but their menu has barely changed. The most popular dish is the bacon burger -- but what they're really known for is their BUCKET of fries (yes, a bucket!). You can get them sprinkled with their special housemade seasoning.

Washington's best resort

Campbell's Resort on Lake Chelan has been operated by the same family since it opened in 1901. Since then, it's expanded from 16 to 170 guest rooms, but glimpses of the past still remain. The bar is made with wood from the original exterior walls!

Campbell's Resort | 104 W Woodin Ave 

Chapter 3


Award-winning tamales

Right outside Yakima in a small town called Union Gap, you'll find Los Hernandez -- a tamale shop with nationwide attention. It opened in 1990 by Felipe and June Hernandez, but in 2018, it won a prestigious James Beard Award. Now people from all over come just to try these tamales!

Los Hernandez | 3706 Main St, Union Gap

Washington's dinosaur town

About 30 minutes from Yakima you'll find Granger -- the Eastern Washington town "Where Dinosaurs Roam." There's no rich paleolithic history, but there are about 30 of these ancient creatures that attract thousands of visitors eager to take photos with them each year.

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