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6 heartwarming stories of neighbors helping neighbors in Western Washington - Vol. 4

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted a lot of people, but these heroes won't give up helping their communities.

During this unprecedented time, people around Western Washington have been doing what they can to show how much they care about their communities. KING 5 Evening has been showcasing their stories with a series called Neighbors Helping Neighbors! 

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Keep reading to hear about 6 inspiring stories from an at-home opera singer in Ballard, to a Pike Place Market flowers & Tamales program in Greenlake!

1. Tukwila Schools 'Hero'

Jen Davis Wickens, CEO of Impact Public Schools in Tukwila, is pioneering in providing remote education facilities due to the coronavirus crisis. 70% of her students come from low-income families. Wickens started a GoFundMe with the hope of raising enough funds to buy every child a Chromebook, access to the internet, and food if needed.

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2. 'Tacoma Strong' T-Shirts

What does “Tacoma Strong” mean? Gail Ringrose says it means everyone may be struggling, but nobody's struggling alone. At a time when so many businesses are locked up and silent,T-Town Apparel is humming with its line of Tacoma Strong t-shirts. Each one celebrates a local business struggling to survive.

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3. Business Makeovers in Pioneer Square

Rashawna Williams is doing her part to make Pioneer Square a more beautiful place to be during this difficult time. She’s one of the selected artists turning boarded up storefronts into beautiful, uplifting murals. Visit the 4 the Love Foundation's Facebook page to learn how you can get involved

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4. Ballard Neighborhood Opera

On one street in Ballad, all the neighbors know when it's 5 o'clock. For over a month now, Stephen Wall, a classically trained tenor, and Seattle Opera performer turn his front yard into center stage. His performances are his gift to the community in these uncertain times.

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5. Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund

The Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund was created by Jessica Tousignant and a friend. They wanted to find a way to funnel funds from people not affected by the crisis, to those who need them the most. The donated money is sent to hospitality workers in need, with priority given to employees who don't qualify for unemployment, as well as marginalized workers.

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6. Tamales with a Side of Flowers

Frelard Tamales is a Seattle eatery that's still going strong during the COVID-19 pandemic, selling tamales through their walk-up window, and giving their community far more than a handmade meal. They are also supporting local farmers who usually sell blooms at the Pike Place Market by adding a side of flowers to their takeout tamales.

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