SEATTLE — Kim Holcomb hosts from the Asian Art Museum in Capitol Hill. FEATURING: Jose ends his adventure with the Seattle Clipper Race Team, Places to play on a rainy day, 2020 Oscar nominees, and Flashback Friday: Chicken 911 


Breathtaking art from across the globe at the newly-renovated Seattle Asian Art Museum - The expanded museum took two years and $65 million of work and features 13 galleries with different themes

The final stretch of the Australian coast to coast boat race – Clipper Round the World Race 2019-2020 - PART 4. After 20 days on the water, the finish line is finally in sight.

Five places to play on a rainy Puget Sound day - Kids and rain making you crazy? Here's your solution.

Take a look back at some of the 2020 Oscar nominees - The 92nd annual Academy Awards are Sunday night. We had the good fortune of interviewing some of the nominees over the past year.

Chicken 911!: The 1991 Puyallup Fair's chicken emergency - Flashback Friday - Meet the brave woman who performed mouth-to-beak resuscitation on Milligan the chicken

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