Most people could argue that some days they spend more time with their co-workers than their actual family. This isn't surprising considering most Americans are spending more than 40 hours a week in the office. Not to mention, open floor plans that most offices have now, actually trigger a natural human response to socially withdraw from officemates, according to a study from Harvard. So what are some of the cardinal sins of being a co-worker? Here's the biggest ones people agreed on.

1. You're taking public calls in your workspace

There is NOTHING worse than hearing your co-worker, in your open office setting, ranting to the plumber about the times they can/can't meet them for an appointment.

2. You come to work sick

No one wants to get sick and no one wants to take unnecessary personal days. However, if you are hacking up a lung, please go home and get yourself better. Spreading germs is a top offender.

3. You use/touch other people's work space

Asking to borrow a pair of scissors every one in a while is understandable - taking said scissors and leaving everyone else to wonder where they are is not cool. Respect others space and they will respect yours.

4. You're the office gossip

As stated earlier, sometimes your officemates can become like family - you bicker, laugh and collaborate like family. However, no one wants to associate with the negative and gossipy person in the office. More often than not, it comes back around.

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