A ton of great and not-so-great events happened in 2017. From a friendly giraffe we watched all day at the office (c'mon be honest) to a twitter account that was gone for 10 minutes, we picked some of our favorite moments from 2017! Which one's would you add?

1. One boy's quest for chicken nuggets

2. A giraffe named April who stole our hearts…for a really long time.

3. Fyre festival expectation vs. Reality

4. Obama posted a vacation photo and people lost their minds.

5. Serena Williams accidentally announced her pregnancy via Snapchat.

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6. "Moonlight," not "La La Land," won best picture

7. An employee deleted trump's twitter account for 10 minutes.

8. Jon Snow thought he was a dragon

9. "Covfefe"

10. Taylor swift "Reputation" release

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