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Kraken fans can find a feast for your eyes and mouth at The Octopus Bar

You've never been in a bar like this. #k5evening

SEATTLE — It's one of the most eclectic bars in Seattle.

"Everywhere you look is a story. It's a chapter in someone's life. Maybe not yours, but the fact that you get to intersect with it, that's the beauty of this place," said Thaleia Sundquist-Carr who works at The Octopus Bar in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. "This is a place where regardless of your color, your gender, your background, you are welcome here, you are family."

The Octopus Bar recently reopened in a new space that quadruples its capacity. But their food menu remains as solid as ever.

“We have the Chicago Dog," said Thaleia. "That's a bun, a dog, relish, pickles, diced tomato, Mama Lil’s peppers, yellow mustard, and poppy seeds. That sandwich right there is called the All Aboard. It's our take on a Club sandwich. Our fries are battered. They're battered nice and crisp for you."

Credit: KING 5 Evening
Seattle Kraken broadcaster Everett Fitzhugh tries a couple of Kraken inspired cocktails at The Octopus Bar in Wallingford

And you can wash down all that food with a couple of Kraken-inspired cocktails.

"This drink is called The Puck. You're going to start with Kraken dark spiced rum, some ginger beer, and a lemon wheel right on top. This drink we have here is called the Bone Breaker. It's going to be Kraken, triple sec, blackberry, lime, and pineapple juice. And a little bone on top and that's how you're going to stir it up."

The Octopus Bar in Wallingford: a kitschy place that goes great with the Kraken.

"It should be a good time as long as you’re ok with cheering."

The Octopus Bar
2121 N 45th St, Seattle, WA 98103