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Which Washington state wine pairs best with concession food?

Climate Pledge Arena features exclusive canned and bottled wines from Woodinville-based Chateau Ste. Michelle.

SEATTLE — Raising a beer at a hockey game is common. But, raising a glass of wine?

Not so much.

That could change at Seattle Kraken games, though.

Wine is a fundamental part of Climate Pledge Arena's offerings, whether it's a reserve bottle or an easy-to-carry can.

"We truly believe that wine goes with everything that we do around our lives,” said Juan Muñoz-Oca, Chief Winemaker for Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. “That includes coming to a sporting event or a concert at Climate Pledge Arena."

The 14 Hands Market on the main level carries grab-and-go varietals in cans, which are easy to take back to seats without fear of spilling on neighbors.

In the Mount Baker Hall premium seating section, ticket holders can also visit The Chateau – a tasting bar featuring bottles, stemware and knowledgeable servers.

"You get a more elevated experience, you get a glass, and maybe some wines that have a little more nuance,” said Muñoz-Oca.

Credit: KING TV
KING 5 Sports Director Paul Silvi and 'Evening' host Kim Holcomb taste-test three wine and food pairings at Climate Pledge Arena.

He and his team created three wines made exclusively for the arena.

Canned white blend and red blends are available in the Market.

“Those are meant to be easy to drink and easy to enjoy,” he said.

The third exclusive is the 2017 Kraken Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, served at The Chateau. The vintage honors the 100th anniversary of Seattle’s hockey team winning the 1917 Stanley Cup.

"It was in oak for about 20 months and that adds complexity and layers to the wine, and then it's been in the bottle for a couple of years,” Muñoz-Oca said.

All three of the exclusive wines were created with concession food in mind.

Muñoz-Oca recommends pairing the white blend with fish, like a poke bowl from Just Poké or fish and chips from Bristol Bay.

"It’s just nice and light. Maybe this is what I will drink if I'm not drinking beer for whatever reason,” he said.

The red blend has herbaceous notes, which pair well with pizza –specifically, the Detroit Style Salumi Pie (with salami, soppressata and pepperoni) from Sound Pizza.

The Kraken Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is bold, so Muñoz-Oca recommends having a glass with a beef cheeseburger from Seattle Eats.

"The tannins and the way the wine expresses itself is ready for you to enjoy with, in this case, a wonderful burger,” he said.

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