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Chicago Med star brings real-life inspiration to her role

Not only does actress Marlyne Barrett have a degree in nursing, but she comes from a family of medical professionals with strong opinions about the show

This season's Chicago Med has all the irresistible drama you'd expect in a medical show.  What's different is the gravity of what the roles mean at this moment in time. 

"We're attacking relevant issues that have to do with Americans are dealing with today and what the world is dealing with at large," explained Marlyne Barrett. 

Barrett plays Nurse Maggie Lockwood on the show. Since she comes from a family of medical professionals and has a nursing degree herself, she has always carried a deep respect for those on the front lines. And the pandemic has only amplified that feeling.

"There's a thin line between what we are doing behind the screen with a glam squad that's taking care of your hair and taking care of your make-up. They don't get that on the front line. They have their hearts on the line. Their health is on the line. They are caring for people and they have to put everything about themselves on the back burner and really care for the patient. And no one is yelling cut in between. You are portraying heroes.  Real heroes. So it's important to do it well," shared Barrett.  

Barrett said what hasn't changed during her tenure on the show is her family's instinct to share their many opinions of the episodes.  

"I'll save a patient's life in the episode and they're like, you didn't close the curtain. Or Hippa wouldn't let you do that.  I'm like, I saved their lives! Or, 'you should never sacrifice your job for one patient. How many others can you help.'  I can't win over here, Barrett explained.  

Whether it's precisely accurate, the actors want the work to reflect the spirit of what these front line workers do each day - while inspiring a little joy and hope in the process.  

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