Legendary music producer and Seattle native Quincy Jones really digs Paul Allen, but not for the reason you might think.

It's not Microsoft, the Seahawks or MoPop. Jones digs his music. Yes, his music.

In a wide ranging interview on with Vulture’s David Marchese Jones dishes out quite a complement.

Were there any rock musicians you thought were good?

I used to like Clapton’s band. What were they called?


Yeah, they could play. But you know who sings and plays just like Hendrix?


Paul Allen.

Stop it. The Microsoft guy?

Yeah, man. I went on a trip on his yacht, and he had David Crosby, Joe Walsh, Sean Lennon — all those crazy motherf***ers. Then on the last two days, Stevie Wonder came on with his band and made Paul come up and play with him — he’s good, man.

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