NEW YORK — There is a certain salty word, the mother of all F-bombs,  that Samuel L. Jackson has said more than 200 times in the movies, and audiences can’t seem to get enough of it.

“It's just his whole attitude that he puts into it,” says Richard Roundtree. “There are so many colors.”

In his second go-around as Shaft, Jackson says the word about 40 times.

“I mean who says it better?” asks co-star Regina Hall.

“Yeah, no one,” says Alexandra Shipp.

“Nobody can curse you out the way Sam can and make you feel good about it,” says Jessie Usher, who plays Shaft’s estranged son. “Nobody.”

Samuel L Jackson
Samuel L Jackson returns as Shaft in the 2019 movie
Warner Bros Pictures

In the new film,  comedy is added into the mix as Shaft’s super cool, old-school beliefs are confronted by his “woke” son and by women who speak up.

“It was so funny to watch Sam as Shaft playing that scene where he's just not talking back,” says Hall. “And you always know in real life no matter what man it is, no matter what he looks like, no matter what he does there is a woman at home letting him have it.”

Of course, Jackson isn't going to go too long without saying that word.

"And I enjoy it so much," he says too much laughter in the room. "The pure joy of it always kind of just sort of comes out."

Shaft is Rated R and is now playing. 

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