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SNL writer Sam Jay talks Seattle, Zoom meetings, and jokes in the time of COVID

Her new comedy special is now streaming on Netflix. #k5evening

SEATTLE — You may not see Sam Jay’s face on Saturday Night Live, but chances are you've laughed at her jokes.

She’s a staff writer and stand-up comic, whose new special Sam Jay: 3 In The Morning is now streaming on Netflix. It was filmed right before the COVID-19 shutdown.

Jay talked to entertainment reporter Kim Holcomb about jokes in the time of COVID, Zoom meetings with the SNL cast, and the Pacific Northwest.

HOLCOMB: "I know you've played Seattle a few times before, so allow me to welcome you back to our fine city. Even though it's like this.”

JAY: “I love Seattle. My best friend is from Seattle - Jak Knight. He's another comic and he's from Seattle."

HOLCOMB: "Do you notice a difference in audiences based on where you're playing?"

JAY: "Seattle just kind of gives you that Pacific Northwest vibe. They're down to clown, they're cool with it, but they're very laid back. They're not super rowdy audiences, but they're going with you the whole way. They're taking the whole trip with you."

HOLCOMB: "The whole bit (in your special) about traveling and your partner packing too much - it feels like that was another world now.”

JAY: “Yeah, it's like who's doing that, right? But hopefully it will feel nostalgic, too."

HOLCOMB: "For SNL, are you guys having the same kind of awkward Zoom meetings that the rest of us are having in our jobs?”

JAY: “Yes. (laughter) For sure, those last three at-home shows and having to do table reads over the Zoom, it was definitely awkward and not the way we like to do it. I think we definitely feed off each other's energy and feed off that energy being in the room, so it was hard to capture that feeling over a Zoom."

HOLCOMB: "All right, you take care and come back to Seattle soon.”

JAY: “I will for sure."

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