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'Smallest, free-est art gallery in the universe' is a Queen Anne favorite

It's a Seattle artist's gift to her neighborhood.

SEATTLE — Stacy Milrany has always believed in the healing power of art.

"It helps me process the things I'm seeing and managing in the world," she said.

When her mother was undergoing chemo, Milrany and her friends painted Mom 154 doses of get-well-soon. 

"A piece of art every single day."

It worked. 

"It was a little thing that I could do," Milrany said.

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Now that the entire planet is diseased, distressed and depressed, this Seattle artist is working her healing magic again.

Neighbor Jared Santiago said, "I think it's awesome."

Milrany's "Little Free Art Gallery" is bringing beauty to the streets of Queen Anne.

She said, "Started it with pieces of my own art."

Passerby Eric Wachtendorf is a fan. He said, "I love it. It's such a unique little part of the neighborhood."

Emily Huff, who works nearby, agreed, "A huge gift to this neighborhood and to our city."

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Like a piece? Take a piece. Or leave your own masterpiece in the tiny gallery, essentially a glass-faced cabinet, placed atop a pole, along the sidewalk near Milrany's home.

"Sometimes it's mundane," Milrany said, "Sometimes it's poignant, sometimes it's tragic. Sometimes it's funny."

"This is my son's painting," one man said as he placed a small piece in the gallery, "He's two years old."

"It's a creative outlet and it's a place where anyone can come and show off," said neighbor Jeff Wilson.

The gallery is constantly changing, making it a must-see stop on neighborhood walks.

I've seen people walk by, hands down, looking at their iPhone, and do a double-take. And suddenly they're looking at art," Milrany said.

If only a little free art gallery could pop up on every street.

Milrany said, "I would physically love to make 100 of these, a thousand of these, and put them all across the United States. During this year, when we're being ripped apart from each other, it gives people hope.

Maybe art really can heal the world.

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