Ever wonder what it’s really like on the Golden Globes red carpet?

The famous carpet is situated in a partially-covered driveway of the Beverly Hilton.

Members of the media arrive hours before the celebrities and traverse an obstacle course of equipment.

"It's such a zoo,” said Sara Fruman, Western Region Manager for NBC News Channel. “You can't eat, you can't do anything, you can't move actually for about four hours.”

Reporters squeeze together like sardines and when the carpet officially “opens” to filmmakers and celebrities, it becomes a sea of people.

"I mean, it's a dream,” said nominee Stephan James. "I've watched these shows a thousand times and to be here, celebrating with my family… it's a dream come true."

Lady Gaga's arrival caused a logjam – security guards had to shout at guests to keep moving rather than vying for a photo with her.

She didn’t stop for an interview with us. But, The Dude abided!

Jeff Bridges, who received the Cecil B. DeMille award, said he was feeling great.

"Pretty cool. I figured out how to stay off the trains, all the women's trains,” he joked. “it's kind of a shuffling thing but I'm getting it down. By the time I get to my seat, I should have it nailed."

Other guests expressed their love for the Northwest.

“Every Thanksgiving, we would go to Seattle!” said Darcy Carden, breakout star of NBC’s The Good Place. Then she looked around the carpet and added, “I just stood next to Carol Burnett and I barely breathed."

Elsie Fisher, nominated for role in Eighth Grade, and filmmaker Bo Burnham, talked about their time at the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival.

“A close second (to the Golden Globes,)” he said. “We had such a great time in Seattle, truly. We had some of the best screenings we had all year there."

Snohomish County native Chris Miller - who won a Globe for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – said he’s not much different now than he was growing up.

"I was just as weird in my home in Lake Stevens as I am now. I just get paid for it, I guess is the difference,” he joked.

Nominee Henry Winkler also sent his love for Seattle – specifically, in a message for his friend, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll.

“Coach Pete, I am so sorry that the season is over, but the career is long,” he said. "You are great, your players are great, your fans are great. I'll see you next year and Max sends his best."