TACOMA, Wash. — Myranda Cozad got started in motorsports at a young age, "My dad has been in motorsports even before I was born," she tells us with a smile, "I was an only child, he made me a Tomboy."   

She got into Monster Truck driving by being in the right place at the right time, when she met one of the first female Monster Truck drivers in Monster Jam, Medusa, at a show, "I walked up to her and told her, 'Hey, I want to drive a Monster Jam truck!', halfway joking.  I never expected her to take me seriously but she took a chance on me and got me in." 

Myranda drives fan favorite "Scooby Doo" at Monster Jam, "Everybody grew up watching Scooby Doo, so I definitely think that's an advantage for me because everybody loves Scooby."

Myranda is one of the few women in Monster Jam, and the only one that will be driving at the Tacoma Dome this weekend, "More and more women are coming into the sport, and it's great.  Girls can do anything that guys can do."

Monster Truck driver Myranda Cozad
Myranda Cozad drives the Monster Truck "Scooby Doo" in Monster Jam.
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A lot of kids see monster trucks crushing other cars and don't expect to see a woman at the wheel, "I absolutely love to inspire other little girls to go after their dreams and do what they want," but she doesn't want it to stop there.  

"I don't want to just be an inspiration for the girls. A lot of people ask me about how it is to be a female in the sport.  I don't want to be known as just "the female", I want to be known as a great driver, I want to be an inspiration to everybody."

Fans are Myranda's favorite part about driving for Monster Jam, "They make it such an incredible experience. It doesn't matter if you went out there and didn't do well, the fans still love you, they give you their unconditional support."  

At this weekend's show, everybody is going to bring their A-game, "The Tacoma Dome is a bigger arena that we get to drive on, and we can go out there and really open up the trucks and show the crowd what we got." 

At Monster Jam, fans can buy tickets to the Pit Party, which allow them to meet and greet the drivers, get their autographs and take pictures, "Make sure you come to Scooby Doo's line, though, first!  Not Grave Diggers line," she laughs. 

Monster Jam, Tacoma Dome Jan 11-13.  Pit Party - Saturday 10am-11:30am. Saturday 1 pm event ticket & Pit Pass required for entry.

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