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I Wonder: How long do I need to signal before changing lanes?

The issue isn't so much about clicks as it is distance and momentum.

Is there a minimum number of clicks that you are supposed to use when using your turn or merge signal that is required by law?


Federal Way

By clicks, I presume you are referring to how many times your turn signal flashes before you make a turn or change lanes.

The next time you are stopped at an intersection, look at the vehicles around you. Compare how quickly your turn signal clicks versus the other vehicles. They aren't all consistent, so there is no law in regards to clicks because it can't apply evenly to everyone.

The issue isn't so much about clicks as it is distance and momentum.

When makinga right turn at a red light or stop sign, you must come to a full stop. The law doesn't say how many seconds you need to be stopped, but your car must cease moving forward, period.

If you don't come to a full stop, you're at risk of a $124 fine, says Trooper Keith Leary, Washington State Patrol.

If you're turning right or left in traffic, changing lanes or merging, you must signal at least 100 feet before you make your move. At 60mph, that's going to be about 1.2 seconds.

Although 100 feet is what's required under the law, Leary says for your safety and that of the other drivers, you may want to give more than that.

You're indicating to other drivers about your intentions. At the minimum, it's 100 feet, but you want to give it as much time as you can so they know what you are doing, said Leary.

The Washington state Dept. of Licensing suggests that you have a four-second gap between vehicles that you are trying to merge between.

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