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Get Ready for Titanfall 2

Pilots, ready up - because Titanfall 2 has dropped.

Respawn Entertainment’s wall-running, mech-riding shooter has a lot to compete with - sandwiched as it is between the release of games like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - but it stands tall and loud amongst its veteran peers.

Like the first title, Titanfall 2 is focused around fast and fluid combat, as players take on the role of agile soldiers called “Pilots.” Short-burst jetpacks called “jump jets” allow pilots to leap incredible distances and run along walls to gain a burst of speed, which is important because in the high-intensity multiplayer games time-to-kill is fast. It doesn’t take much more than a quick burst of well-placed fire to take opposing players out, so you’ll have to rely on raw speed and agility to evade enemy fire. Once you’ve scored enough points, though, you’ll be able to switch gears by calling in your Titan.

When Titans enter the field, the whole game changes. These behemoths are bristling with enough firepower to devastate any Pilot unfortunate to get caught in their crosshairs or trampled underfoot. Pilots can fight back with either anti-titan heavy weapons, or they can leap aboard to assault the titan directly. Of course, they can also call in their own titan for an epic clash that will tower above the frantic combat below.

Because of the way this combat system works and the different game modes available, multiplayer just doesn’t get old and everyone can contribute. Even if a player isn’t the strongest ground-fighter, they can simply play an objective-based mode and evade while trying to accomplish objectives until they can call in a heavily armored titan to push back. Highly skilled players are still rewarded for their talents, though, as few things feel better than deftly bouncing from wall to wall through a hail of enemy fire to tear apart an opposing Pilot.

Despite how much Respawn has improved upon their already fantastic multiplayer gameplay, though, there is still one thing that hung above the first game - a single-player campaign. Many people were frustrated with the first Titanfall because it had no real way to play solo. There was a “campaign” of sorts, but it was really just a tutorial for the multiplayer. Well, players can breathe a sigh of relief because not only is there a true single player mode in Titanfall 2, but it is really good.

The story follows rifleman-turned-pilot Jack Cooper as he and his new Titan battle through enemy forces to regroup with their allies and stop an apocalyptic plot. Gameplay is similar to multiplayer, though here the Titan called “BT-7274” will follow Cooper at all times, rather than be called in. The levels are incredibly well-designed and the game naturally flows between intense combat and puzzling platforming elements. In the middle level the game uses a mechanic I don’t want to spoil in a way I have never experienced so well or fluidly, and the final level is of blockbuster proportions. Without getting too much into the story elements, all I can really say is that not only is this campaign well-worth the play-through, it may well be the best campaign in a shooter I’ve played in years.

Anyone who enjoyed the original will love Titanfall 2. And for anyone that had issues with either the first game or the Beta released earlier this fall, Respawn addressed your concerns and answered them fantastically. Because of the different play-styles available, the uniqueness of combat both on foot and aboard a titan, and the incredible single-player mode, this really is a game that can appeal to any and all shooter fans. This earns a high recommendation and a score of 5/5.

Titanfall 2 is rated M for Mature for Blood and Gore, Language, and Violence by the Entertainment software Rating Board (ESRB)

For more information see the official Titanfall 2 website.

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