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South Lake Union's 'Parable of Gravity' envisions a mindblowing world of decay and rebirth

A new art installation at Seattle's MadArt Studio imagines a futuristic cityscape in constant motion.

SEATTLE — Boundless growth. Shocking loss. And the promise of what comes next.  

You'll find it all in 'Parable of Gravity,' a stunning exhibition now on display at MadArt Studio in Seattle's Lake Union neighborhood.

"Even though something's dying, there's a new thing growing on top of it," said Seattle artist Casey Curran.

Curran and his team spent two years bringing this vision to life.

"This is the most involved and largest exhibition that I've ever put together," he said.

Studio director and curator, Emily Kelly, was constantly amazed by the piece as it took shape.

"I was blown away by the size," Kelly said.

Credit: KING-TV
Artist Casey Curran stands among his work.

The skyward reach of modern structures, represented by towering three-dimensional grids rising as high as eight feet, appears to be interrupted by some unknown force. Parts of the structures are darkened and decayed. At one end of the room, a suspended metallic sculpture hovers like a wayward asteroid. 

"I lovingly refer to it as my space potato," Curran said.

Credit: KING-TV
'Parable of Gravity' at Seattle's MadArt Studio.

From chaos, life springs anew.

Curran said, "What will this next iteration of life on this planet be?"

The piece features hundreds of delicate plant-like forms crafted from polyester drawing paper, alien growth reaching ever skyward.

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"I design these shapes and then I laser-cut them out," Curran explained.

Everything appears to be in motion as the 'plants' slowly undulate.

"The world is moving and growing around you," Kelly said.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the work, strolling through this landscape of the future while wearing masks created by the artist.

"More than just walking into the exhibition, they're also wearing the art and becoming part of it," Curran said.

Is the future a better place? This journey through time and space can only pose that question. The answer awaits somewhere in your imagination.

Admission to MadArt Studio is free and open to the public. Visits are permitted by appointment only and limited to 15 guests. Masks are required.

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