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Evening talks with the cast of NBC's Mr. Mayor about new holiday episodes

The new season starts in March. #k5evening

SEATTLE — In December, lots of shows go on winter hiatus. But NBC is bucking the trend and is rolling out two new episodes of their hit show Mr. Mayor tonight. Jim talked with cast members Bobby Moynihan and Mike Cabellon via satellite about the special episodes. Below is a transcript of the interview.

You can see the new episodes of Mr. Mayor Wednesday night starting at 9:00 pm on KING 5.

Credit: King 5 evening
Jim Dever talks with Bobby Moynihan about the new episodes of his show, Mr. Mayor.

Jim: "It's Jim in Seattle. Can you guys hear me?"

Bobby & Mike: "Jim in Seattle. Oh, god, nooo."

Jim: "Bobby, Mike, happy holidays. Tell me a little bit about this great holiday episode we're going to be seeing."

Mike: "Oh boy it's a lot of fun. I think it's a nice reintroduction of the characters that you met in season one or if you didn't meet them in season one, tonight is a great place to start. And we get to see a little bit of what Christmas is like in LA which is to say, a little weird."

Jim: "Everything is a little weird in LA is that right Bobby? You were kind of a New Yorker for many years and then you moved over to LA. Was it a little bit of an adjustment for you?"

Bobby: "Yes definitely. I was a New Yorker for all of my life until a few years ago. You say kinda, come on man, did you see the New Yorker in me get instantly angry?"

Jim: "A solid New Yorker."

Bobby: "The three Christmases I have had in LA I have spent locked in my home with my family so there were absolutely wonderful, they have been fantastic but I could not tell you what has happened outside of the doors because I was inside wrapped in a blanket and covered in wrapping paper."

Jim: "That sounds like an interesting holiday. Briefly, before I say goodbye here, is it nice to be back together? Because of the pandemic, out of all the shows that were in production, you guys were very much abbreviated by that pandemic. I mean you guys were in the third episode or something and you guys were just cut, right?

Bobby: "Yeah it was a lot of starting and stopping and then an abrupt end there at the end and we didn't get to finish, but yeah season two we got to do a beginning, middle, and end and I'm super happy with what we got to do. This is a cast I feel gets along extremely well and I think we get to see a lot of it this season and a lot of character development from everybody all around."

Jim: "Well Bobby, Michael thanks so much we'll be watching."

Bobby & Mike:
"Thanks so much. Thank you Jim from Seattle!"

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