NEW YORK — Jaimie Alexander is suffering from a split personality. And she's pretty happy about it.

"I'm a villain this season, playing a hero, which is very fun," says the star of NBC's Blindspot.

Alexander's character, Jane Doe, grapples with questions of identity in the series' fourth season.

She says, "This is full-on crazy time."

That's pretty much how you could describe life on the set of Blindspot, too, where Alexander and co-star Sullivan Stapleton keep things interesting.

"We're very brother/sister," Alexander says. "I'll punch him in the arm and he'll try to pretend there's a spider on the back of my neck or something. I'm like, 'You're gonna get your butt kicked.' I have four brothers, so the dynamic's great for me."

She says "Sully," as she calls Stapleton, has a lighter touch than the FBI agent he plays on screen.

"Definitely the macho tough guy on screen," Alexander says. "And then in person he can be quite dorky and funny and sweet. Very interesting sense of humor."

The Australian actor is surprised by his own success.

"I don't think I'm a big star," Stapleton says, "but I'm a working actor. That's the fun part."

And he'd like to clear up a misconception about the beer most associated with his homeland.

"We don't drink Fosters," he says."We just sell it to you guys."

As for Alexander's tattoos on the show, most are temporary. And the full-body application takes 8 hours.

"Then I have some really great suit-like material to put on for fights," she says, "because the tats just don't work for stunts. I stick to everything and it comes off. So now I have a suit, so in wide shots you can't tell, which is great. But maybe now you can because I told you."

Where is all this mystery and mayhem headed?

Stapleton says, "I don't find that out because I don't want to. That's what takes the excitement away from the job."

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