Hi! I’m Kaci. When I was four, my mom took me to register for preschool while another class was in session, and I apparently raced over to the circle, shoved two kids aside, and yelled, “HI KIDS!”

This story is the best example I can think of as to who I am and why I love what I do: I am genuinely curious about absolutely everyone, and I’m really excited about finding relatable ways to share unique stories. I also still kinda approach social situations with the same rage-y enthusiasm and forceful eagerness that disrupted that poor preschool class so many years ago.

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from the University of Washington, and have lived in Seattle ever since, working in both radio and television as an on-air host, reporter and anchor. My work has been nominated for a local Emmy twice, which I feel weird bragging about, but I haven’t won one yet and when I do the real bragging will begin, so here we are. I also work as a host for different events, and one of my favorites is The International, the annual gaming grand championship for professional Dota 2 players.

I spent seven years performing improv comedy, but the best part about that was meeting my husband, who is absolutely funnier than me but absolutely better say that I’m funnier than him when asked. Together we have a 1-year-old daughter, whom we feel extremely lucky to have after years and years of fertility treatments and pregnancy losses. We are very passionate about being transparent about that so that we can hopefully help others going through it feel less alone!

All of these tidbits make working on a show like Take 5 so rewarding. We have a unique opportunity to create a sense of positive community in a world of negativity. I love that we can take different approaches to tell stories in a more relatable, real way; and we can interact with you and dig deeper into topics you’re curious about.

When not working, you’ll find me chasing my daughter yelling “Sweet Pea, NOOO”; traveling with my husband (our daughter can come with us when she can sit still longer than 20 minutes); or doing yoga. The yoga is to cure the aforementioned rage-y enthusiasm, which also comes up anytime someone cuts me off in traffic without a thank-you wave (WAVE WHEN YOU MERGE, PEOPLE!).

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