Glenn Farley joined KING 5 in 1986. Farley spends much of his time covering Boeing and the aerospace industry as KING's aviation specialist. This wide ranging beat includes economics, international business, employment, technology, and air safety. Most recently, he has been covering the development and launch of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. He also followed the development of the Boeing 777 from its inception. Farley has circled the globe twice on his aviation assignments, the first time as the only journalist aboard a record setting flight. He has covered aerospace in Western Europe, Russia, China and Japan. In Russia, he was one of the first reporters given access to the TsAGI (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute), in the once secret city of Zhukovsky. It was at TsAGI that generations of Soviet military and civilian spacecraft were developed.Farley has covered some of the nation's most significant aviation disasters including the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia. As a science reporter, he has written extensively on the assessment of earthquake and tsunami risks in Western Washington. He also writes on disaster preparedness, be it from earthquake to volcano or wild land fire. In addition, he covers technology issues at Microsoft and other high tech companies, and in 2003 he was an embedded reporter with the United States Army in Iraq.Prior to KING 5, Farley was the economics reporter for WSMV-TV in Nashville, Tenn., and worked as a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter for WJXT-TV in Jacksonville, Fla. He is a graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a master of arts degree in broadcast journalism and a bachelor's degree in political science.