'I've never been that scared': Houston Harvey survivor's viral plea answered

More than 150,000 people shared the Facebook post pleading for LaKesha Monroe's rescue.

HOUSTON - One Houston Hurricane Harvey survivor is sharing a harrowing tale of survival she said would not have been possible without the help of strangers on social media.

LaKesha Monroe lost her home and nearly everything she owns in the devastating Houston floods, and she wasn’t sure her family would even survive.

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“I’ve never been through something like that in my life. I’ve never been that scared in my life," Monroe said.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Monroe said watching flood water rush into her Houston home was like a bad dream, or a movie she never hoped would become her reality.

"The closest thing I can come to is the Titanic. That’s just how I felt," she said.

As flood waters rushed to the roof of her home, Monroe started snapping photos. A friend posted them on Facebook, sending out a call for help.

The call was answered.

“They got in touch with the National Guard. Helicopters were coming. They were trying to rescue us, but it was so many people. Finally, a boat passed by, and they saw us. We were able to go to a boat to maybe about two [highway] exits down.”

More than 150,000 people shared the post and spread the word. Monroe said she ended up staying only about a mile or two away from where her home flooded in the 11000 block of Wood Shadows Drive.

“I just want to thank everybody. That share button saved my life," Monroe said.

She spoke with KENS 5 via Skype from a Good Samaritan's house who took her in.

When the flood wouldn’t stop, she could barely get her five kids to safety.

“I was trying to get them to the attic, but the water was rising so fast. I was trying to push back because I didn’t want it to take my children. I pushed so hard, and in the meantime, I’m screaming," Monroe said.

Just like that, their normal life was swept away with their belongings. Monroe's teenage daughter also lost her prosthetic eye that the family had previously saved up to buy.

“One day, your life is perfect. The dogs, the house, your kids going to school, and the next day, nothing," she said.

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She said the hardest thing was trying not to panic in front of her young kids as the water rose.

"I got hopeless. I put them on the roof, and I kind of turned their backs. I started to tell them a story because I didn’t want them to see the water rising from the back. It’s something that a mother never wants to do," Monroe said.

While she lost nearly everything, she said she didn’t lose the most important thing.

"Out of everything I lost, I’m glad I had my family. I trust that things are going to be alright. I’ve never seen my city pull together like they did. Pray for us. That’s the biggest thing I can think of," Monroe said.

Lakesha's daughter has established a GoFundMe account for the family. If you would like to donate to them, CLICK HERE.