Monster swells hit Washington coast

3o-foot waves crashed along Washington's coastline Thursday. Waves will slowly recede Friday.

The storm that brought rain and wind to Puget Sound had a different plan for our coastline on Thursday. It brought a monster swell that caused beach erosion, flooding, and large sneaker waves.

Waves crashed over the jetty that protects the city of Westport. That wave ended up rolling all the way passed the pedestrian tower and rushed into the parking lot.

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Lincoln City was another spot that received big waves. The local fire department says that Kyllo's Seafood and Grill was hit by a large wave which ended up severing the building's gas line. There were no injuries but the building had major damage.

The swell forecast keeps waves in the 10-16 foot level on Friday, with a decreasing swell over the weekend. Saturday's swell forecast calls for 7-12 feet.

Here are the tide levels for the next 24 hours.

High: 2:03 AM Friday 9.02 feet

Low: 7:15 AM Friday 3.74 feet

High: 1:18 PM Friday 10.04 feet

Low: 7:47 PM 0.36 feet

Please be careful if you decide to go to the coast Thursday or Friday this week.

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