Lenticular clouds spotted at Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier was swathed in a cap cloud Wednesday morning.

Did you see it? Lenticular clouds were visible near Mount Rainier on Wednesday morning.

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Lenticular clouds, or cap clouds, formed Wednesday from high level moisture streaming in from the southwest and hitting Mount Rainier. The moisture rippled off towards the northeast of the mountain producing these cloud formations, according to meteorologist Rich Marriott.

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The effect is similar to throwing a rock in a pond and watching the water ripple outward.

A lenticular cloud caps Mount Rainier on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.

Lenticular clouds are usually indicative there's rain in the forecast, and Wednesday's sighting is no exception. Showers are expected to hit the Puget Sound area Wednesday night with the main frontal rain moving in to the Interior for Thursday morning commute.

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