Air quality improves as smoke dissipates

Onshore winds will bring in cleaner and cooler ocean air for improving air quality.

Air quality levels were rated as healthy on Saturday as stronger winds moved into Washington and the smoke dissipated.

"By Monday we are still forecasting a true blue sunny day," says KING 5 Meteorologist Jordan Steele. "We're beginning to see our air quality improve. It's not a huge improvement since we still have smoke out there, but it's going to get much better within the next 24 hours."

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Anything from the Cascade crest eastward is trending between moderate and unhealthy for sensitive groups, and unfortunately, even though we might clear our air out, it might take a bit longer for them.

"These are the upper-level winds on Saturday, which showcase a good marine push that will help clear out all of the smokey air. At the surface, our winds will only be about 5-15 mph, but up above, it looks like we'll get 20-30 mph winds that should be strong enough for that true sunny day on Monday," said Steele.

UW High Resolution Model

Here’s more good news. We might actually see a few showers as we jump into this weekend. We’re seeing a system approach from the west, which will dissipate as it makes landfall.