Ben There, Done That: Wallace Falls

Our inaugural hike in the "Ben There, Done That" series. You challenged us, so we went to Wallace Falls. 

We did our inaugural 'Ben There Done That' hike to Wallace Falls. Kyra Erickson and Theodore Wesling both challenged us to this hike (THANK YOU!) on the west side of the Cascade Mountain near Gold Bar. It’s a fairly easy 5.6-mile trail with a moderate 1,300 feet of elevation gain. Most of the gain comes from the last mile or so to the upper falls.

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The best part of the hike is the ever-evolving view. The first quarter-mile is underneath power lines, but you can still see the snowy Cascades in the background. Not long after you hit the trail, the hike juts into a pine forest. There is an almost constant sound of running rapids from the Wallace River on your right. You follow the river gradually uphill despite a few steeper switchbacks along the way.

The Lower Falls appears after around two miles. There is a rest area with a roof shelter and picnic tables. The view uphill from the Lower Falls shows the Middle Falls which happens to sport the best views.

Another short push and you have your first panoramic view of the Skykomish Valley. Soon after comes the roaring Middle Falls. Time constraints limited us from reaching the Upper Falls on this day (somebody has to do weather for the Noon show!), but the trip was well worth it.

Despite being a popular hiking destination, the rain and cool temperatures seemed to keep many people away. The few hikers we did run into said this was their favorite hike, and one even told us she hikes it every day!

If you’re looking for a beautiful hike with rivers, multiple waterfalls, and have a couple of hours to burn, Wallace Falls is for you!

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