Ben There, Done That: Twin Falls

A drizzly, cool late afternoon gives reason to stay close to home. Still, you don’t have to travel far to get into the woods. Today, we hike Twin Falls in the Snoqualmie region just off I-90. Before you think traffic noise, know that the river drowns most of that out.

Twin Falls is a relatively easy hike along the South Fork Snoqualmie River. Just 500 feet of elevation gain, and about 2.5 miles roundtrip.

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At the trailhead, you may notice kayakers dressing up in dry suits set to tame the rapids. It looks like fun, but that water must be cold!

Along your route, you’ll encounter plenty of waterfowl also enjoying the river. After a short stretch of switchbacks, there are a couple of benches that make a good stopping point. From these benches, you can see your destination across a valley with a partial view of the lower falls.

A short walk down into the valley and back up again has you closing in on the lower falls. Walk down a couple sets of stairs to a viewing platform that puts you right in front of the falls. The hike down to the viewing platform is easy. The climb back up? Not so much!

A short walk further, and you cross a wood bridge which sports views of the upper falls as well as the valley from which you came. Listening to the sounds of rushing water, you can’t even tell that I-90 is about a hundred yards away.