Ben There, Done That: Guadalajara

Ben There Done That is going international! We head to central Mexico to a small lakeside town named Chapala just outside Guadalajara. The town of roughly 10,000 sits along the shores of Lago de Chapala (Lake Chapala) which happens to be Mexico's largest freshwater lake.

It's a far cry from westernized cities like Cancun and Cabo San Lucas. This is about as authentic as it gets with amazing culture and food. Guadalajara offers a walking tour of its central district where you'll find many old buildings constructed hundreds of years ago. The art scene here is incredible!

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The best part has to be the food. Carnitas fajitas and fresh local fruit? Yes please!

This is the land of abundant sunshine, especially during the winter months. The average high temps routinely top the mid 80's, and each day ends with a fantastic sunset over the water.