Ben There Done That: 3 favorite hikes of 2017

Meteorologist Ben Dery has been on a lot of hikes in 2017, but these are his favorite.

All week long we've been talking about physical fitness, and what better way to get in shape than with a hike! We launched 'Ben There Done That' last year, which has been full of amazing suggestions from viewers. While the hiking season as certainly slowed, we wanted to look back and find my top three hikes of 2017.

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Number 3: High Rock Lookout

This hike, just outside Mount Rainier National Park, offers amazing views of the southwest side of the big mountain. It is dog friendly, although make sure they're on a leash as there are extremely steep drop-offs. This short but sweet hike ends with an old lookout house that stands on top of a bare outcrop of rock.

Number 2: Artist Point

This is a great snowshoe hike that you can hike today if you wanted to. It takes you up the edge of the Mount Baker Ski Resort, and into some of the best mountain views the Cascades have to offer.

Number 1: Mount Ellinor

This Olympic mountain peak is a winter wonderland! This time of year, avalanche danger is prevalent and can sometimes impede your ability to get to the summit. However, in the spring and summer the view is incredible! I like this hike the most, because you can see the peak all the way from downtown Seattle. When you're facing the Olympics, Mount Ellinor is one of the furthest south peaks.

Those are my top 2017 hikes, and I'm definitely looking forward to what people will be suggesting for the 2018 hiking season!