Snow Lake makes rocky, steep hike worth it

Its beauty and steep inclines make the hike worth it.

Imagine a massive lake surrounded by fall colors -- gorgeous and expansive views. Well, imagine no more -- it's called Snow Lake, and it's just a short drive from Seattle.

The trail itself can be crowded, much like any other that is close to Seattle, but its beauty and steep inclines make the hike worth it.

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Here's what you should expect:

- It is very rocky. Bring good shoes that can handle climbing over big rocks and walking on shale that covers the trail. Look to your right on your way up – you will see all the massive boulders that surround the area.

Credit: Haley Thayer

- Cold water, tall rocks, fun swims! The lake is freezing, hence the name Snow Lake. But don’t be afraid to jump in! It’s so much fun to jump off a rock into the water and then have a picnic with some friends.

- Bring your pup and a leash. This hike is perfect for dogs. They will love the water. But there are park rangers that camp out at the top of the trail. They will ask you to have your dog on a leash, or you could get a ticket.

Credit: Haley Thayer

- Mosquitos! I got eaten up on the trail. Don’t forget bug spray – they really like that lake water.

Grab your friends, jump in the lake and bring a picnic. Snow Lake is worth it.

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