Drivers over Snoqualmie Pass chaining up in middle of highway

Chains are required over the pass, and it is snowing hard, according to WSDOT.

Both directions of Interstate 90 were open Friday afternoon after the roadway was closed for several hours, but WSDOT said there was a new problem. Drivers were chaining up in the middle of the highway, causing backups.

WSDOT tweeted at 4:19 p.m. that two hours of added travel time was happening eastbound and one additional hour was happening westbound because of this. WSDOT also tweeted a link to designated chain-up areas.

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As of 4:33 p.m. Friday, chains were required westbound, and traction tires were advised eastbound. There was compact snow slush and ice on the roadway, according to WSDOT.

After an earlier closure, US 2 over Stevens Pass was back open eastbound Friday afternoon. Traction tires were required eastbound and traction tires were advised westbound.

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