Boeing debuts new 737 MAX 7

Boeing says the new 737 MAX 7 flies farther and more efficiently, creating more revenue opportunities for airlines and giving customers more range and seating.

Boeing unveiled its new 737 MAX 7 at the aerospace giant's Renton factory Monday morning.

The newest version of the 737 comes with more range and more seating. It’s also designed to perform better at high altitude airports and in hot climates.

"It’s a giant in what it’s going to deliver to the customers in range and efficiency," said Keith Leverkuhn, vice president and general manager of 737 MAX program. "It’s really going to be a killer."

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Thousands of Boeing workers gathered to watch the debut Monday morning.

"Everybody sacrificed their time to put all their hard work in to make this airplane, and we’re seeing it in physical form, and it’s amazing," said Tommy Huynh, who helps build tools to make the airplanes.

Even though Huynh has been through three rollouts, he said it never gets old.

"What’s next? We can’t wait for the next airplane to come out," Huynh said. It’s just more exciting every time."

The MAX 7 will undergo flight testing. It won't be delivered to airlines until next year when the first plane is delivered to Southwest Airlines.

Boeing tweeted a photo of the 737 MAX 7 early Monday morning.