Seahawks DE Clark questions Cam Newton's toughness

Frank Clark used some choice words when Newton didn't dive for a fumble.

SEATTLE – Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark used some choice words to criticize Cam Newton’s effort on one play in Super Bowl 50.

Near the end of the game, Newton fumbled but failed to dive for the ball. The Broncos recovered.

Clark posted a video of the play on Twitter in which someone, presumably Clark, could be heard saying “That boy a (expletive). Can’t wait to play his punk (expletive). Made a decision it wasn’t worth it in a Super Bowl, man.” The tweet was accompanied with the words “This y’all league MVP!!! Really!!!!”

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Newton was named NFL MVP Saturday in a landslide vote.

Clark also tweeted “Respected this man’s game untll then. See ya week 5.” It’s not clear if Clark got an advance look at the NFL schedule. While the Panthers will visit the Seahawks next season, the schedule has not been released.

The Seahawks went 0-2 against the Panthers last season including the playoffs. Clark got a sack on Newton in that playoff game.

“Hey I've lost twice to him though, boy good but no respect. Backbone of this league is Toughness. Crunch time he want grapes, I'm eating mud,” tweeted Clark.

Linebacker Bruce Irvin also tweeted “Lol Russell woulda got the football” and “He bout to go in the car and cry.”

Irvin is a free agent and may not be back with the Seahawks when they play the Panthers. But Clark will be.

This growing rivaly just got some new ammunition. To be continued in 2016 (maybe in Week 5?)