Students make pact to get Gonzaga tattoo if they win

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Several Gonzaga students made a pact to get a tattoo if their team can pull out a win on Monday night.

KREM 2 caught up with them while they waited in line to get into the McCarthey Center for the official watch party.

“I’m feeling pretty confident,” Chris DiNunzio said.

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They were feeling confident, but a little nervous. Not because of the game…but because of a bet.

“This is an impromptu kind of thing,” Jack said. He didn’t want to give his last name because his parents probably would not be on be on board with the wager.

“I was overseeing the bet,” DiNunzio said. “I didn’t really partake, but I made sure these guys are going to do it.”

The six friends made the pact at the beginning of the season .

“When I made the bet, I had no thought of us getting here,” Jack said.

The friends joked that the tattoo would be on their faces, but that placement seemed unlikely.

“That’s next level,” said Sam Comfort. “I would never commit to that myself. The other cheek. A little south!"

The students promised they would follow through with it…if the team does!

“We win this game and give Gonzaga its first national championship!” Jack said.

And they will have a permanent reminder of the historic win.