Gonzaga stops selling 'boys will be boys' shirt over complaint it encourages rape culture

SPOKANE, Wash. – Gonzaga has stopped selling a t-shirt that said “Boys will be boys” after a woman on Twitter complained it “perpetuates rape culture.”

“@GonzagaU Hold your students and future Zags accountable for their actions,” a woman named Nicole wrote to the school. In later tweets, she said the shirt was available in the child section of the Zag store.

About 40 minutes after she sent the tweet, Gonzaga tweeted back and her saying, “Thank you for reaching out. This merchandise has been removed.”

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A few other people responded to her tweet. One woman tweeted in support saying, “Yea get this toxic masculinity out of here we have enough on campus already.”

Then a man tweeted, “To pull a shirt that says “Boys will be Boys” under the belief it perpetuates rape culture is a sexist attack against ALL men.”

The University responded to the issue on Friday saying, “We are aware that seemingly simple statements can sometimes be interpreted to insinuate unintended meanings, and when sensitivities are expressed, we take concerns seriously. We want GU apparel to reflect our respect for everyone.“