Gonzaga fan to travel 5,200 miles to see team play in Final Four

SPOKANE, Wash. --- Many Gonzaga fans are traveling the entire length of the country to get to Phoenix from the Pacific Northwest to see their team in the Final Four. However, one GU super fan is coming from even farther away, in the United Kingdom.

Belinda Bobko Frost has been a Gonzaga fan her entire life and graduated in 2004. Life took her across the pond but she never gave up on the Zags.

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“They made it to the Final Four and I was in tears,” Frost said. “I was in tears and my poor husband looked at me and didn’t really understand it.”

Her husband did not understand all the fuss because he is Welsh.

“It’s very difficult to explain March Madness to British people,” laughed Frost. She’s from the U.S. but after meeting her husband in New York, she moved to his home in Wales called Wrexham.

After last Saturday, she told some of her coworkers about how going to see the Zags play in a Final Four game had always been on her bucket list.

With their encouragement, she decided to buy tickets to Phoenix.

“It was a complete spur of the moment!” she said.

That spur of the moment trip will actually require loads of planning.

First, she has to drive from her home in Wrexham to the city of Manchester an hour away. From there, she will board a flight to London. Then, she flies London to Las Vegas, where she will meet up with friends and Saturday morning drive the remaining four and a half hours to Phoenix.

“As a fan, I just couldn’t not be there,” she said. “I have to be there!”

Frost estimates the whole trip will take her close to 24 hours, if not more.That's just the way there...she still has to get home eventually too!

Frost said she knows it will be worth it.

“As a staff member when I worked at GU, I woke up at three in the morning to camp out for tickets,” she laughed. “I’ve done this. This is what you do if you’re a Gonzaga fan and this is it!”