'It's been theater': Daniels on the arena saga over past 11 years

The arena saga has spanned over a decade, and KING 5's Chris Daniels has covered it religiously.

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KING 5 reporter Chris Daniels cannot keep track of all the arena meetings he’s attended over the years.

“Dozens, hundreds,” he guessed. “We’re talking about a 10, 11-year period. There was a federal court trial back in ’08 that led up to the departure of the Sonics. I’ve sat in court rooms, I’ve sat in board rooms, I’ve sat in made for TV press conferences.”

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Daniels recounted his coverage over the years, which included contentious press conferences with then-NBA commissioner David Stern.

In 2013, the NHL almost came to Seattle, but a city council vote in Arizona narrowly stopped the Coyotes from moving.

“I was told to be on standby for a press conference on a Tuesday after the Glendale city council took their vote, which ultimately was decided by one vote. Otherwise they would have moved here,” Daniels said.