Howard Schultz: 'Never say never' about 2020 presidential run

When pressed, Schultz said, "never say never."

NPR podcast host Guy Raz said Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz was coy when asked about a presidential run.

Raz said it was a backstage conversation before a live interview of Schultz at Benaroya Hall earlier this month.

The ‘How I Built This’ episode was released Thursday. In it, Schultz details his childhood growing up in the projects, how he used to sell door to door, and how he fell in love with Starbucks when he walked into the Pike Place store.

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“I had the kind of epiphany that just spoke to me,” said Schultz. “This is such an extraordinary thing. The coffee, the romance, and over the course of a year, I persuaded them to hire me.”

During the live taping, Schultz also talked about the time he said an investor tried to steal Starbucks from him – and Bill Gates, Sr. thwarted the investor. Schultz declined to name the local investor who he said tried to overtake his bid.

Shortly after the interview, Raz spoke to Ryan Takeo for an episode of The Sound podcast.

“From his perspective, being successful in business doesn’t necessarily mean you can be successful making policy,” said Raz of rumors Schultz might make a 2020 presidential run.

Raz said Schultz was coy about a run, but when pressed, Schultz said, "never say never."