Former prostitute’s story of redemption

Jennifer Tucker told her story to help others understand the impact of human trafficking.

KING 5 reporter Taylor Mirfendereski found Jennifer Tucker through a local human trafficking awareness group.

They were planning their 5K. Tucker, a former prostitute, was planning to walk in the race. Two years before, she happened upon the race, which eventually turned her life around.

Editor’s note: Some may find some of the material in the podcast below offensive.

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Mirfendereski did not shy away from covering sexual abuse from Tucker’s childhood, including several sensory details she said some may have found offensive.

“The reason I included the details was to help people visualize what it was like to be her,” she said. “Without actually being able to picture what it was like, I don’t think it has the same impact and helping you understand why it took such a toll on her life.”