Does our early snow mean a snowy winter’s ahead?

Bundle up! Winter's coming.

Western Washington’s snow last weekend was rare.

“We’ve only seen snow before the first week of November is over four times, and that includes this recent spout,” said KING 5 meteorologist Ben Dery.

But KING 5 meteorologist Rich Marriott warns that doesn’t necessarily mean a snowy winter.

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“(The recent snow) is unusual, but it’s a flash in the pan,” said Marriott.

He added it’s a La Nina season expected.

“It really increases when we reach the middle part of November through April,” he said. “With a La Nina, it should be above normal precipitation and below normal temperatures, which means lowland snow is more likely.

“But again that’s a bunch of details coming together. I would say it’s harmonic convergence to get everything to come together and make it snow.”