'Where Baseball Happens': Cards Against Humanity bought naming rights to Ill. ballpark

It's the place 'Where Baseball Happens.'

JOLIET, Ill. — 'Minor league baseball is like regular baseball, except with ____," might read one black Cards Against Humanity card. "Weird stadium names that you'd never expect," may read one white Cards Against Humanity card.

Welcome to 'The Cards Against Humanity Baseball Place' in Joliet, Ill., home of the independent league Joliet Slammers. Also known as Silver Cross Field, the Chicago-based party game company Cards Against Humanity supposedly purchased naming rights to the baseball field in their namesake last month according to Chris Kuc of the Chicago Tribune.

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"For the final day of Cards Against Humanity Saves America, we 'really hit it out of the park' by purchasing the naming rights to a minor baseball team," the company said in part in a blog post titled 'Cards Against Humanity Saves Baseball.'

The banner with the new alleged new stadium name, as well as another which read, 'Where Baseball Happens', went up in December, said Vice Sports. However, Kuc said the name change could be more of a marketing ploy rather than a proper change for the town of Joliet. Slammers president Nick Semaca agreed, telling The Herald-News, "We have not negotiated naming rights or sold naming rights."

The banner was made as part of a satirical holiday promotional campaign — one that the Slammers happily were a proud of. Okon said the front office was excited about the publicity and what the future holds for the team.

In response, the Cards Against Humanity staff issued another statement to The Herald-News, saying, "We're excited to partner with the Joliet Slammers for the 2018 season. Although as a company we just recently learned the rules of baseball, we love the Slmamers and wanted to give the team a boost for their upcoming season. We're based in Chicago ourselves. Go Slammers."

The Slammers have been actively trying to sell the naming rights to Silver Cross Field since 2016.