Everything that's changing at Dunkin' Donuts

Everyone's favorite coffee shop is making some major changes.

2018 is already proving to be a year of big changes, but maybe nothing bigger than the complete overhaul Dunkin' Donuts is going for! Here's some of the big things you can expect for your favorite morning coffee stop.

1. They’re dropping “Donuts” from the name. The name will now just be “Dunkin.”

2. Donuts will no longer be behind the counter. Much like a Starbucks, they will keep their donuts in a glass bakery case so it is more easily seen by the customers. They are also reducing their donut flavors to 18.

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3. Dunkin’ will now serve nitro cold brew coffee. Right now they will offer 8 flavors of their delicious coffee including their original blend and a cold brew blend.

4. There will be mobile-only drive-thru lines! Some stores will have mobile-only pick up spots where you will be able to order from your app and skip the normal line. Right now all drive through lines are self-ordering and not pre-paid.